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Amber - Girl's name meaning, origin, and popularity

When you come into this world, identification is necessary. Parents usually put in a lot of effort to find a name that is astounding and meaningful. What could be a better name with both of these properties other than Amber? With the meanings in various languages, the name amber has a warming and extravagant feel to it. Parents who are looking forward to choose this name for their little angel should be aware of Amber meaning, origin and popularity.

Definition & Meaning

A yellowish brown, translucent and hard resin that trees form over millions of years ago that often contains fossils. It is widely used in making ornaments and jewellery for men, women and children. The word amber is also described for things that are yellowish brown in colour. Like Al Stewart (the famous Scottish musician) says, ‘the evening sings in the voice of amber, the dawn is surely coming.’


The name amber isn’t only limited to the English people but it holds its popularity in many other cultures. Claiming the same meaning in every language, this name has become an absolute favourite of parents across the globe.

  •        Arabic:  كهرمان
  •        Urdu:   امبر
  •        Turkish: Kehribar
  •        French: Ambre
  •        Croatian: Jantar
  •        Chinese:  琥珀色
  •        German: Burnstein

Amber - Origin & History

Amber is a resin that comes from trees. It is the defence mechanism of the trees in case of damage or fungus that causes this process. The resin then turns into amber after millions of years. 100% natural amber sometimes also contains fossilized flowers and insects. It is famous for its remarkable physical and chemical properties, one of them being static electric charge. The amber that comes from the Baltic region is called Baltic amber.

Amber as an adjective in English is from c. 1500; as a colour name 1735. In historical testaments the Hebrew meaning of amber is a shining metal. The name Amber originated from Arabic language. Genuine amber is considered a gemstone and in the 19th century when ornaments and jewels were popular, the name Amber was associated with a happy stone that brings good luck.


Giving Kathleen Winsor’s romantic novel called forever amber ( the credit that it deserves, it would be right to say that the popularity of the name Amber rose sky high in the year 1944. In the year 2016, the name Amber was ranked 55th on the popular name list. The highest position that this name took was 13th in 1986 with approximately 16,949 occurrences.

Famous people named Amber

Fictional characters named Amber

  •        A character from the television series ‘the tribe’ is named Amber
  •        Amber Moore is a character on an American soap opera ‘the bold and the beautiful’.
  •        A dog from ‘Scooby doo and the alien invaders ‘is named amber

Besides all these famous characters and personalities, there are many songs that include Amber. For instance, Neil young’s amber jean, Tori Amos amber waves etc. Amber – Girl’s name meaning, origin and popularity has made monotony among the most popular girls’ names in the Middle East, America and UK.