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How to clean Amber?

Cleaning Amber jewellery can be tricky for some people but to be honest it’s a simple job with few simple steps. Always clean Amber jewellery with natural cleaning products. Unnatural and high in acid products can cause further harm to the jewellery.

How to clean Amber with a damp cloth

  1. Take a bowl of lukewarm water and add a couple of drops of non-castile soap. Do not use harsh washing liquids or else it will harm the jewellery further.
  2. Mix the water enough that the non-castile soap dilutes. Make sure the water doesn’t foam.
  3. Now take a soft cloth; microfiber clothes work quite well and dip it in the mixture. Make sure that the cloth is only damp and not drenching with the liquid.
  4. Now clean Amber jewellery with the damp cloth lightly until all the dirt and residues are removed.

How to clean Amber jewellery with simple water

  1. Take a bowl of lukewarm water and place your amber jewellery in it. This works best if your Amber jewellery has become all dull.
  2. Now take the jewellery out and place it in a bowl of clean water for 6 to 12 hours and add a pinch of sea salt.
  3. Once it’s soaked, rinse it with clean water and place to dry.

How to clean Amber Jewellery with silver cleaning cloth

  1. Most of the jewellery stores sell silver cleaning clothes that can be used in Amber cleaning as well. The cloth has a darker and a lighter side. Use the lighter end of the cloth to rub the jewellery until it’s no longer oxidized.
  2. Use the darker side of the cloth to polish the amber so it’s as good as new.

Why does Amber Tarnish?

There could be several reasons why Amber jewellery tarnishes. Sometimes it’s caused due to the perfumes, lotions and hairsprays that women wear. Another reason could be the wrong placement of Amber jewellery. If you have placed it with silver and other metals it might damage the surface of Amber Jewellery making it look worn out. In such cases, the different methods of Amber jewellery cleaning can become your saviour.

How to polish Amber Jewellery

Dull Amber takes away all its beauty even after you are finished cleaning it. The use of natural oils is a great way to restore its shine to a brand new level.

  • Olive oil – take a few drops of olive oil in your hand and rub it against the Amber. Clean it with a dry cloth after rubbing immediately.
  • Sweet almond oil – if you don’t have olive oil, sweet almond oil works equally as great as olive oil.

How to maintain Amber jewellery

Amber is considered as a breathing stone and the truth is that it doesn’t require hard and fast maintenance. Just a few precautionary measures can help you keep it safe. Always avoid taking baths while wearing it. Avoid the direct exposure to perfumes, creams and lotions. Amber is a precious stone and it should be kept with the care that it deserves.